As participants peer into their VR headset, they enter a 3D world and immediately encounter four huge Dinotrux who, in voiceover, personally ask them for help in finding Revvit’s five missing drill bits. Players press a button to initiate the experience, then turn their heads to explore the environment in 360°, focusing their gaze on the drill bits just long enough to collect them. The game’s user interface tallies the number of drill bits found, while voice over offers players guidance and encouragement along the way.

AvatarLabs seamlessly integrated Unity with Google Cardboard, culminating in a colorful 3D environment. All of the game’s models and environments were built in-house using a combination of Maya and Cinema 4D and imported into the Unity3D engine. Working in Unity3D proved to be a balancing act between quality and performance. The result? A robust mobile experience with an efficient polycount allowing for optimal performance across a wide range of devices. For the ultimate Dinotrux experience, we built a unique, Dinotrux-head-shaped hand-airbrushed Google Cardboard headset through which to play the game. Eventually, something like this might be constructed from materials found within a toy product’s packaging.
Dir of Innovation
Unity | Google Cardboard